$SuperBid: why it’s the next big app

Ashish Anand
3 min readJul 3, 2021

“Congratulations, you just won a one-on-one training session with Ronaldo!”

“Your bid won! Enjoy your sky diving experience with Jay Alvarrez!”

“Awesome! Meet N Greet with Amanda Cerny just became yours!”

Would it seem improbable to get notifications like these after interacting with your favourite celebrity on your phone? You might even suggest it as being fanciful or a pipe dream.

Throw those doubts away and meet SuperBid — a new app which will make said notifications a reality!

SuperBid’s aim is to provide a platform where you can connect with your favourite influencers and then enter an auction for experiences or items that you like the look of.

This is done with a SuperBid token. These tokens are multi-functional and the in app utility serves to also:

  • gain access to special features such as animations and exclusive skins on the app
  • do charity donations
  • contact influencers directly

Now, as if this wasn’t enough to grab your attention, here’s more: we all know that cryptocurrency interest has simply sky rocketed in recent times. SuperBid narrows the gap between the crypto world and social media users, so you needn’t have dipped your toes into the world of BTC, ETH, etc. to reap the benefits!

Did we mention that Logan Paul, Amanda Cerny and Jay Alvarrez are just some of the stars that SuperBid has already snapped up? That’s over 150m followers combined! With a further 10 A-listers due to be announced, you can certainly envisage SuperBid’s impact when the app is released.

Starting Friday 2 July 2021, the next phase of marketing will commence and there’s an invitation for you to get a free $SuperBid token!

Here’s how to take advantage:

  1. Visit https://www.superbid.io/
  2. Click the Get Free Token button. The SuperBid home page will feature this button for the duration of the distribution
  3. Paste your Ethereum wallet address. If you are using MetaMask and have the browser extension, launch the extension, click on the address to copy it, and paste it on SuperBid.io
  4. Enter your Email Address on the same dialog box, below your wallet address
  5. Recheck the details and click Confirm to sign up and get your token!

Note that if you have any issues setting up MetaMask, click on this link.

Follow SuperBid:

Still on the fence? Have a look at the team behind SuperBid:

  • Wojciech Sobczuk (Founder & CTO): Featured in TechCrunch, Inc. 500, Business Insider, Fortune, and Bloomberg. Founder of the world’s first multi-million user social media app
  • Patrick Gajda (Founder & CEO): President of Escape Velocity, executive board at Venture Devs, and member of EBAN (European Business Angels Network)
  • Maxwell Gross (COO): Over 6 years of engineering, program management, risk management and business development experience. Former Boeing Defense, Space, and Security engineer. Over 5 years of cryptocurrency market and blockchain research experience
  • Branden Hampton (Head of Talent): Recognized by Forbes as the king of social media, having built over 36M followers across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. First-to-market adopter of social media, has worked with over 500 different celebrities, athletes, artists, and social media influencers
  • Artur Pszczółkowski (Advisor): CMO of GamerHash, helped take its $GHX token 70x from the presale. Managed digital activities in Swiss-based global corporation which had a yearly turnover of more than $4 Billion. His expertise lays in business analysis & marketing strategies for blockchain projects

The only question now: WEN MOON?



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